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Google’s Fun Easter Egg: Roll Up Your Search Results with ‘Katamari Damacy’!

Google, renowned for its penchant for incorporating entertaining elements into its search engine, has once again delighted users with a captivating easter egg. This time, when you conduct a search for “Katamari Damacy” (via undisclosed source), a popular game franchise originally released on the PlayStation 2, you are presented with a delightful mini-game.

In this mini-game, you have the exhilarating opportunity to roll up everything on the page into a virtual ball, akin to the concept of the game itself. To commence this whimsical adventure, simply click on the Katamari ball icon, conspicuously located on the right side of your screen. On desktop or laptop devices, you navigate the game using the arrow keys on your keyboard, while on mobile devices, you can engage in this amusing activity by employing the touch of your finger.

This clever easter egg likely pays homage to the recent release of “We Love Katamari Reroll+ Royal Reverie,” a remastered version of the original “We Love Katamari” game, which first graced the PlayStation 2 in 2005. The remastered edition offers an enhanced experience and is now available on various platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam.

The captivating Katamari series, masterfully crafted by Bandai Namco, revolves around a captivating fusion of puzzle-solving and action-packed gameplay. In this surreal universe, players assume the role of the Prince of All Cosmos, entrusted with the peculiar task of rolling up an ever-expanding ball composed of an eclectic assortment of objects, ranging from felines to automobiles. These amalgamated spheres ultimately serve as replacements for the stars that were inadvertently obliterated by none other than your father, The King of the Cosmos.

Fortunately, Google’s rendition of this whimsical game is considerably less anxiety-inducing. There are no stringent objectives to meet nor any time constraints to contend with. You are free to merrily roll the Katamari ball to your heart’s content, until either sheer satisfaction or an exhaustive collection renders you unable to continue. Personally, I must confess to spending an embarrassingly substantial amount of time “testing” this game on my computer, and I can attest to its smooth operation and enjoyable performance. However, it appears that the mobile iteration is somewhat less polished, as a discernible degree of input lag detracts from the overall experience. Nevertheless, as a delightful easter egg, fans of Katamari are sure to derive amusement and mirth from this whimsical addition.

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