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Tesla’s ‘Solar-Powered Charging’ Empowers Powerwall Users to Direct Excess Energy to Their Electric Vehicles

Tesla, the pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer, has once again pushed the boundaries of sustainable technology with the launch of its latest feature, “Charge on Solar.” This innovative capability allows Tesla owners to recharge their electric vehicles’ batteries solely using surplus solar energy, making eco-conscious driving even more efficient and accessible.

The development of “Charge on Solar” began in May with initial testing, but the feature has now been made more widely available to Tesla customers in the United States and Canada. While this marks a significant step towards a greener future, access to the feature remains limited at this early stage.

To take advantage of “Charge on Solar,” Tesla owners must meet specific criteria. Firstly, the feature is exclusively accessible to those who own newer Teslas manufactured in 2021 and beyond. Additionally, they need to have a Powerwall, Tesla’s battery system that stores solar energy harnessed from solar panels. The combination of these elements unlocks the potential to harness and utilize the excess solar energy effectively.

The integration of “Charge on Solar” is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to sustainable practices and the drive to empower its users with innovative solutions. By enabling EV owners to rely solely on their solar energy surplus for charging, the feature not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional energy sources but also grants drivers more independence from conventional charging infrastructure.

Screenshots of Tesla's new Charge on Solar feature.

To enable the revolutionary “Charge on Solar” feature, Tesla owners can effortlessly take advantage of their Tesla app’s user-friendly interface. By accessing the app, users can easily select the “Charge on Solar” feature and proceed with setup.

Upon entering the feature’s settings, users will be greeted by a slider adorned with a sun icon. This slider holds the key to customizing the charging limit for their electric vehicles (EVs). With a simple drag to the left or right, users can adjust the charge limit to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Before reaching the sun slider, the vehicle will adhere to its conventional charging practices, drawing power from both the solar panels and the grid to ensure sufficient energy for travel needs. However, once the sun slider is reached, a magical transformation takes place. The EV will exclusively draw power from excess solar energy, significantly reducing reliance on conventional power sources and enabling eco-conscious driving like never before.

Tesla’s commitment to sustainability extends even to its Powerwall, which plays a vital role in energy management. When the Powerwall is in Storm Watch mode, it prioritizes storing backup energy and charging other appliances, ensuring preparedness for unforeseen circumstances. Only after satisfying these priorities will any surplus solar power be allocated for vehicle charging, ensuring that EVs truly charge using only excess energy.

For users who may be concerned about potential energy shortages, Tesla has thoughtfully included a time limit feature. This enables owners to set a specific duration for “Charge on Solar,” granting them the peace of mind that their vehicles will have sufficient power to reach their destinations.

Of course, Tesla believes in empowering its users with choices. For those who desire absolute certainty in their EV’s charge status, they can easily adjust the charge limit or disable “Charge on Solar” altogether.

With this innovative and eco-friendly charging option, Tesla continues to redefine the possibilities of sustainable driving. “Charge on Solar” represents another significant step towards reducing carbon footprints and maximizing the potential of renewable energy sources. As Tesla drivers embrace this feature and become advocates for sustainable practices, the world moves closer to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

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